New Video Featuring AKS

Look out world, AKS has landed a speaking role in a video he made himself! Take a look here… great for a laugh!

AKS partners with Soles4Souls! We Need Your Help

Oh hello! I see you’ve made it over to my internets webby page. Great work!  While you’re here, let me fill you in on something special I’m doing with the charity Soles4Souls.  I wrote the song “In Front of You” in order to help raise some money for the great work they do. It is available for download right here on my site (click the Soles4Souls tab above) for only $1.50!  One song = One pair… meaning if you purchase the song, one pair of shoes will be delivered to someone in need across the globe.  Again, head to to download the song and get involved.  Thanks!

The Couch Potato Sessions land Aug. 2nd!

Check out some new stuff I’ve been working on.  Click on the “Couch Potato” tab above and have at it!  I’ve recorded rough, stripped down versions of new songs on various couches in the greater Nashville area. One week per month, I’m going to release a song a day. Let me know what you think of them, or if you have any new ideas to bring to the table. Bear in mind, I wrote a song about the Dutch Elm virus, so ANY suggestions are welcome… Hiyo!


Bring it on kids… we need your heat!  Spread the word that Andrew Kelley Simons will be changing lives soon.  Take the links below and drop ’em like Johnny Appleseed!  The world needs to know about Andrew and his mammoth-sized music, and you guys need to be the ones to do it!!

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